About Stephanie Jenkins Photo

About the owner

Hey friends!

I’m Stephanie.

Most days you can find me at a local coffee shop making friends with strangers and sipping lavender lattes. (There’s a 99% chance that’s where you met me and why you’re reading this.) 

My idea of an adventure is closing my eyes, pointing to a pin on the map, and going. As I’m typing this, my passport may or may not be in my back pocket.

Spontaneous dance parties in the car are my specialty, so if you see me on the road feel free to join in with the sprinkler.

I’m a Richmond-based Wedding Photographer, but in love with all genres of Photography. As a creative, it can be challenging to stick to just one thing.

I am passionate about serving and educating so that others can also live out their dreams.

Since I haven’t figured out the whole cloning thing, I decided to build a team instead. 

Meet our team

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Stephanie Jenkins

Founder & Lead Photographer

Amber Drew

Lead Photographer

Lindsey Windett

Lead Photographer & Editor

Ashley Glasco

Lead Photographer

The perks of working with a photo team

As a Photography Team, you’ll be surrounded with the utmost care and attention during your biggest moments. You always have backup. No sick days here. Compounded years of experience and quadruple the love and passion for what we do.